Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

How to prepare for NEET in 1 month?

While we were containing ourselves within the four walls of our home, to stop the spread of the pandemic, the NEET exam has arrived at our doorstep. As of now, it has become certain that the NEET 2020 will be conducted on 13th September. That means there is no more time for relaxing. You have to be on the toes polishing the topics, revising the subjects, and memorizing the portions.  

With less than a month remaining, you have to be meticulous in studies to put up a great fight during the finals. Hard work along with smart work should be the mantra during the days towards the NEET exam. Having said that, you need not panic about the preparation. Just some planning and preparation can make you one among the selected few. When it comes to Kerala, you need to consult the  best NEET coaching centre in Kerala that provides excellent NEET coaching as you find a lot of entrance coaching centres in this major education hub in the country. They will be of great help at this juncture. The guidance from the experienced professional tutors will energize you to accomplish the target.  

Cracking NEET-2020 in the first attempt will be as easy as a cakewalk with concerted efforts from your end. Dedication and determination are the mainstays on which success exists. You can achieve your dream with dedicated and determined hard work. 

How Can You Prepare for NEET-2021 Effectively?

We will be discussing some tips and steps that will help you in the effective preparation of the NEET exam. Judicious actions are the quintessential part of any successful journey.

Identify Your Weak Areas – This may not require spending any additional time, as you may already be aware of your flaws and strengths. You must give adequate importance to improve the weak topics and portions. So, you do not consume more time in answering the questions from those portions.  

Strategize the Preparation – Strategizing the preparation is a simple thin. Hence, do not get confused with the wording. It simply means allocating adequate time for the subjects and portions that are difficult for you. There must also be time allocated for the revision of tough topics. 

Fix A Timetable – Fixing a timetable is an unavoidable part of the preparation for the NEET exam. You must pursue it without fail. Otherwise, it will affect the whole timetable and the preparation strategy formulated by you. Break the time schedule into small sections. A long, continuous, schedule can tire you. You may find it boring to commence the study the next time. There must be ample time between study sessions for leisure and relaxation. At the same time, you must study for at least 12-14 hours per day until the exam. 

Study Only from the Chosen Books – You may have a large collection of books and study materials. Forget all those. Choose only a handful of books, that are supposedly exceptionally well than others. A study from the well-organized books will help you cover all the topics in the shortest possible time.

Revisions – Revisions are vital to revisit the portions you studied once and cement the ideas, formula, and theories to your brain. Find time to revise the topics.

Practice Old Questions – Practice old question papers as much as possible. This will aid you in understanding the question pattern and boosting your confidence. Once you practice enough questions, you may be able to strategize the exam too.

Strategize – There cannot be a common exam strategy. It will depend upon your strengths and weaknesses. You must prepare the exam strategy accordingly. You may consult a professional academy or tutors to help you in strategizing the exam. Attending maximum questions correctly is the main idea, as negative marks can fail you. 

Mock Tests – Mock tests are another unavoidable part of the preparation for NEET 2020. Attend mock tests to understand where you stand. Mock tests will reveal the preparedness. You may undertake necessary studies or revisions on the areas you are lagging. By attending maximum mock tests, you can reduce the time required for attending the exam remarkably. 

Confident Approach – You must get rid of all your apprehensions and approach the NEET with confidence. If you lack confidence, you will fail even before you appear for the exam. Watch motivational videos, tips from NEET exam toppers or consult counselors who can motivate you to perform well. Do not forget that a confident mind can move mountains. Hence, this trait is pivotal in turning you into a winner. 

Sleep Right – Sleepless nights can harm you more than doing any good. It will weaken you internally. Thus affecting your performance during the final exam. The right amount of sleep is essential for the human body to function perfectly. Therefore, you must allot enough time for sleep. Sleep will rejuvenate your brain and help it function with added vigor. 

Eat Healthily – Do not consume anything that may affect your health. Eat a healthy diet and avoid outside food as much as possible. Any illness will affect your preparation adversely, in addition, to reducing the preparation time available with you. 

Recreation and Entertainment – You are left with very little time. However, this does not mean that you must be away from all types of entertainment. Recreation and entertainment are essential for your mind to keep on track. On the other hand, do not overdo it. Recreation and entertainment time must be fixed and you should not exceed it. 

Avoid External Things Affecting Your Heart – The pandemic situation might have caused a dark shadow in your heart. The situation is temporary and the world will bounce back with added energy. Hence, you may not worry about thinking about the future. Prepare yourself for a bright and optimistic future and work towards that. Cracking the NEET will put your life on the right track. 

Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and devote yourself to NEET-2021 preparation until the day of the exam. Nothing can stop a determined mind. You only have to be confident and work towards your goal – crack NEET 2021 in the first attempt and enjoy your study in India. Be on the track without any further delay.