Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

How Covid-19 is ruining plans for students to study abroad?

To get global exposure and pursue their higher education in a foreign country is the dream of most students. But this dream seemed to take an abrupt pause when Covid-19 pandemic hit the whole world without a warning. Education system had to take new ways of providing assistance to students as a part of social distancing. This happened to be a huge concern for students planning to study abroad. As an aid to brushing away their worries many study abroad consultancies are trying hard to get in touch with foreign universities and fetch latest information to students regarding the situation. Like many other countries, education consultants in Dubai are taking every possible measure to help students thrive in a crisis.

How did Covid-19 affect the students planning to study abroad? 


The spread of the pandemic had put them in a big loop of uncertainty. Colleges all over the world have asked students to leave the campus and take online classes instead. In light of the pandemic travelling to other countries also has huge restrictions. Hence, many students with abroad plans are uncertain about the next step they should take regarding their higher education. Some of them have already cancelled their plans and have decided to settle in their own countries, but there are many who are willing to pursue their dream after the pandemic is over. Here comes the biggest problem, not even the highest authorities dealing with the issue are not certain how long will the effect of the pandemic last in the world. Thus, a series of uncertainties are hovering over the future of students. 


The main reason why students choose to study abroad is to experience global exposure and get connected with people from different cultures.  As the colleges are not allowed to run an on-campus teaching, many prestigious universities like Stanford and Cambridge have decided to cancel all the mass lectures and rely on virtual classes or classes held in small groups. This is a great hindrance to the campus life that every student dreams while studying in a foreign country. If it is to attend classes online, they have no reason to pay the huge fees and get enrolled in a foreign university. 


The most affected are the students already pursuing their higher studies abroad. They had already invested a lot of money to get themselves into colleges in other countries. The most preferred destinations for studies include the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and the UAE, all of these countries which were greatly affected by Covid-19. When the pandemic started creating serious issues, offline classes were cancelled and classes were resumed online. Now, for the students who spend a huge amount of money to get international experience, online classes didn’t make sense. They were determined to get a refund from the universities which caused trouble for the universities also. 


They had to face a great financial loss which is most likely to continue in the coming years also. The already admitted international students have started demanding a refund since on-campus classes were cancelled. Many students who were planning to attend their colleges have also had a change in their plans due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19. This has caused a financial loss for many colleges at the global level. But they are hard to implement new study methods that would not affect the studies of the students. However, most students are discouraged by the virtual classes that they are offered. 
Even though the situation is getting worse day by day, there are still a bunch of students who wish to carry on with their study abroad plans. They have decided to delay their studies for a few months and resume the processing when the pandemic is under control. With the assurance of proper healthcare, students are willing to adapt to changing circumstances. For those aspiring students, dedicated coaching centers are always ready to prepare them for competitive exams like SAT, ACT, GMAT etc. However, you need to find the best one that provides excellent training. When it comes to UAE, you can find outstanding coaching centres in Dubai that are highly competent enough to  help students boost their self esteem and move towards their dreams confidently. Let the unfavorable conditions never come in your way to success.