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Why Trademarked Logo Is Important For Business?

Getting your logo trademarked is the best way to protect it. Trademarks protect words, symbols, names, and distinguish one company’s products from another’s. A trademark with a logo can not only prevent it from being used by other alike companies, but also prevent the company from inadvertently infringing on existing logos.

“Can I protect my logo?” There are a lot of confusion around this question. In order to answer this question correctly, it is important to first determine the scope of protection required and distinguish between trademarks and copyrights. Each type of legal registration has a different purpose, operates in a different way, and provides different types and levels of protection. If you use the logo as part of your business and sell products or services with the logo, then applying for trademark registration should usually be on the priority list. A registered trademark can prevent your logo from being recognized by consumers, thereby identifying it as the source of your products or services. You don’t want your customers to be confused about this.

However, if your logo is unique and will not be used to sell your products or services, then you can also request copyright to provide additional protection. Copyright registration can prevent the distinctive features of the logo from being copied. It seems to be a work of art.

Benefits of a Logo Trademark

The value of the organization is not only determined by the amount of the money the business makes. Associated with the company is the added value based on the reputation and goodwill created by the company through brand awareness over the years. By protecting your intellectual property, you can protect yourself from anyone who takes advantage of the reputation you have gained in the brand you created.

In addition, you can protect your company from contacts with other companies that may be offensive. If someone uses your brand, the appearance of your brand or any element of the brand to induce brand destructive behavior, it may have an impact. Any slow or fast intervention in the minds of consumers will begin to neutralize your brand. Whether you want to have a trademark registered for your logo or you’re looking for car trademark logos, getting one with essential.

Obtain Complete Ownership of Your Logo

There are several ways to get your company to accept the legal rights to the logo, but the method of creation is different. The easiest way to get rights is to use only your logo. This is the cheapest and most dangerous option because you only have permission in the geographic area where the logo is used. Anyone can use it elsewhere, and you can’t stop them.

You can also register your logo with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the state where you will be using the logo. This only protects your rights in this state, so the logo can be used by others in other states. The third and most expensive option is to apply for trademark registration with the USPTO. Likewise, you will need a lawyer or professional to assist you in preparing your claim, as they must accurately describe the logo in the terms used by the USPTO. After the trademark is submitted, the processing of the trademark registration application will take several months.

Monitoring your registered logo is essential

When you register a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, don’t think that your job is done here. To protect your logo and ensure that no one else will use it, your company needs to monitor the brand. This type of continuous intensive work is carried out by professional lawyers and companies. They will constantly check if no one else is using their logo or trying to keep a logo that looks too similar. When someone does this, they will send an injunction letter.

What are the benefits of hiring attorney?

Many people want to start their own business, but when starting a business, many problems arise, including brand-related problems. For anyone wishing to get a trademark, it is important to take appropriate steps to ensure that the trademark is valid and protected. Trademark attorneys can help you choose the right trademark and take steps to ensure that your trademark registration is protected.

The decision to register a trademark is a difficult task, which is why it is important to hire a trademark attorney. Such an expert can conduct a lot of research to ensure that trademarks are not confused with other existing trademarks. The attorneys can prepare and provide the necessary documents to register the trademark correctly. They can also advise on the best trademark protection strategies. Starting new businesses and registering trademarks can be challenging. Therefore, the best advice is to seek the services of a professional trademark attorney.


Applying for copyright for a logo can provide you with more protection than a registered trademark. For example, copyright protection not only provides trademark registration, but also provides legal benefits, compensation for damages, and vice versa, trademark registration confers certain rights, which are not reflected in legal proceedings. It is best to consult a lawyer to determine the best way to protect the logo.

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