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A Tragic Mistake – That Lead Towards the Business 2020

Ram admitted to himself that he had been a little unreasonable. Along, he had taken a few drinks too many and had come home drunk. He did not mean being harsh with Wife. She had yelled at him as soon as he had stumbled into the house at 2:00 a.m. He was not a habitual drunk. He seldom drank. That day he had met Somu and Lim, two former classmates. They had insisted that he drink with them. He had protested, but they had playfully dragged him to the bar. It seems that the different person appears instead of Ram. He had drunk enough for two and more. He had become ‘high’ and had to be sent some by the two. They had left him at his block and gone away.

Ram tried to remember the events of the night. He felt justified in having shouted at his wife. Why had she not understood that he was not perfect? He thought that she should have left him alone and spoken about it in the morning. Not her. She had insisted on shouting at him. He had been gravely provoked and had finally yelled at her. He looked around at the desolate apartment. It seemed so empty without her and their son. He went before the altar and swore before the Gods and Goddesses that he would never drink or yell at Paru again. Then he began to call all her relatives. They pretended to be in sympathy, but none of them seemed to know where she was. He suspected that they knew but did not want to tell him. They were all in the plot.

Mode of Depression

He dragged himself through for a week. He did not go to work. While sitting and staring at the wall, jumping on the phone every time it rang and snapping at everyone who called; after he had ascertained that it was not his darling. He missed his son, Krishna, very much and shouted and ranted. He cried and starved himself. He lived on. He was sure that no one cared for him. Then wife top it all he received a letter from a lawyer. His e was filing for divorce. He cried out in despair. Then he withdrew deep into himself. He called no one, and no one called him.Even his relatives did not care. Ram was willing to do anything to get his wife and son back. He cried out that the punishment was unfair. It was far beyond what his ‘crime’ had warranted. He became depressed. He spoke to himself and laughed and cried at the same time.

A week later, the neighbours reported to the police that there was a stench coming from the Rams’ apartment. At the stage, the police found that bearded and untidy man’s body on the bed. Clutched to his breast was a picture of himself, his wife and a little son. On the wall, he had scribbled with a marker:

Conclusion of Tragic Mistake Story

Appa loves Krishna’ – a final message for the person He loves from the core of his heart.

Mistake That Lead To Start A Business – 2020

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Aweber Review -2020

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Final Thought

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