Understand how digital enrollment generates savings for the education department and makes life easier for parents and students when it comes to getting a place at school.

Brazil still faces a problem that permeates among many of its areas, including (and, perhaps, mainly) education. The little technological advancement in much of the national territory is an obstacle ignored by many, especially by those who already have all the access to the technology they need and, for this reason, end up not even realizing the lack of it for other parts of the population.

On the other hand, little by little, this situation is changing. Although many people do not have quality equipment and services in the area of technology, it is more and more common that they have at least something. This is particularly true of the internet: in recent years, the number of homes with internet access in Brazil has exceeded 50%, and the trend is that the number will continue to rise. The biggest problem is when this advance is not reflected in the public sphere.

Speaking specifically of education, it is obvious to anyone that there are serious problems to be solved with Brazilian public education. Some of them, however, can obtain positive effects quickly, only with the execution of some techniques of organization and strategy. Those responsible for these strategies are, much more than the schools themselves, the prefectures and education departments of each municipality. And a tactic with great and immediate advantages is the implementation of digital enrollment.

Digital enrollment is an option for parents of students to enroll their children digitally, over the internet. It may seem simple. It may even be mundane for some people, but the benefits of this system are felt by everyone involved in a school’s educational scheme. Digital enrollment favors students, parents, teachers and the education department itself. Understand how:

Savings Generated by Digital Enrollment

One of the main effects felt in the application of digital enrollment is the economy tuition. Every day, thousands of papers are printed to formalize the enrollment of students in hundreds and hundreds of public schools. The savings that come with reducing the use of paper and printer ink are substantial. In addition, there is still a cut in personnel with digital registration, since all the necessary data will be computerized and transformed into documents automatically.

Online Enrollment and Time Savings

Time is also a huge saving that results from digital enrollment. For the parents who do it, there is a whole comfort that does not involve locomotion, queues, nor time to spare. Since everything is done online, this can happen at any time of the day, in a comfortable and accurate way, with all the information that the user may come to need, provided in the regulations.

Of course, even in the digital enrollment, some doubts may arise, and someone must be ready to answer calls from some people still lost with the novelty, but this will take an infinitely less time than the traditional system currently occupies. In other words, for school staff and the education department, digital enrollment also guarantees great utility. Read more.

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