Wireless Communication: Job Information and Oversight

Wireless Communication: Job Information and Oversight

Air communication engineers are electrical engineers who specialize in the development, design and testing of wireless technologies, such as telephones, satellite-supported systems, and computer and wireless field engineer training program. The landscape of air conditioning and television is rapidly changing with the development of new technologies. Wireless communications and their skills need to be changed regularly.

Education required

Mechanical communication engineer has a degree in electrical engineering or computer engineering. Curriculum includes classes in mathematics, science, engineering principles, and classes in electrical or computer science. Many also gain experience in computer programming, especially for embedded systems.

Permission required

All engineers, including wireless communications engineers, must pass state required inspections to obtain professional licenses. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers recommends that wireless communication engineers continue their training throughout their careers to keep pace with the ever-changing communications technology.

required skills

Wireless engineers are creative and detail-oriented. A work in wireless communication engineering requires teamwork while working with engineers, manufacturers, and other technical and management personnel. To present their ideas, wireless engineers have the power to express their innovative ideas.

Occupational and economic outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for US jobs for all types of electrical engineers is projected to grow faster than the normal occupation, with employment expected to grow 5% from 2019-2029. The average annual salary for an electrical engineer as of May 2019 was $ 98,530, according to the BLS, with the ten percent earning $ 155,880 or more annually.

Alternate Career Options

Other career paths listed below include electronic components and electronics.

Electrical and electronic engineer

These technicians support the work of electrical and electronic engineers. For example, they build and test electronics such as navigation systems, medical devices, and computers; conduct inspections based on test results and report to the engineers’ designers. This profession requires a degree test in a relevant field, such as electrical engineering. There is also a professional certificate in electrical testing.

According to the BLS, jobs in this area are expected to increase by 2% between 2019 and 2029. The average salary among electrical and electronics engineers in 2019 was $ 65,260.

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